Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto, or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the rack

I think the image above is an appropriate one for the experience of transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto in the Second House.

It is the rigour arising when past foundations (Saturn, the body) meet with unrelenting, transforming force (Pluto). 

In this case, my means of earning money, but also my self-worth - both Second House issues - are being warped-unto-breaking when combined with the Pluto principle - death and rebirth, (and perhaps hidden resources) - which lurks there natally.

The previous modes of income and their (admittedly scant) corollary - my self value - are being slowly put to death, and if I am wise, I will welcome and embrace this process, because what is dying is outmoded and toxic views of what it means to be valuable. 

Not to mention, what counts - and what is possible - as a viable means of income.

Those of you who have followed the (intermittent) ramblings of this blog, will know that such issues are nothing new for me, but they have been brought (I hope) to their peak by the unrelenting intensity of this transit.

Throw in transiting Saturn opposing natal Venus (in the Eighth), squaring natal Saturn (in the Eleventh) and the near-exact Pluto square (Fifth to Second) and you have a failure-is-not-an-option scenario that requires a fair bit of stamina to withstand.

But it also adds a tremendous impetus to commit to a new course when it comes to money-making and a fresh perspective from which to view myself. 

Which is to say, I'm being forced to consider: where does one draw their worth, if not from their accomplishments, their status, their revenue...?

While there are days when I long to simply find the off button, I know that I'm going to emerge far, far stronger and healthier from this process, and I am grateful for many things I had taken for granted at other, less-taxing times.

All is well, no matter what.


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Natasha said...

Hi Ninth - I am through my Saturn transit to Pluto in the 2nd and can relate to the torture rack image. Saturn is still in my second although the transit officially occurred a little over a year ago. Now - I am doing completely different work and I am meeting my payments on time. My work is my authenticity at last, what I have always loved and yet not had the courage to do. And I am shifting off the survivalist plane gracefully. It has been a revelation although I still don't know how to use the good energy well enough. I am still learning. I am still being taught.
I can relate. Thank you for your post

Tigger said...

Next time you're feeling like you can't take this transit anymore, remind yourself that there are folks born with Saturn conjunct Pluto. ;)

Mine's in Libra 3rd.

The Ninth Immortal said...

Hi Natasha,

Thanks so much for those heartening words.

I'd love to know what was the work you moved away from, and what you do now that so fulfills you. I truly long for a meaningful way with which to earn my keep :) Here's hoping it's on the way.

Hello Tigger,

Having a natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction is definitely impressive.

It points to ferocious amounts of self-discipline and the ability to harness one's will with great singlemindedness. Not at all an easy dynamic to integrate into one's life, but hey - think of how much easier you find it to power through impossible situations that leave the mere mortals buried!

By the way, I have Pluto square Saturn and opposing Venus in my chart. That cardinal T-square has pointed to some fairly rigorous life events, but it is also an accurate signature for the drive that allows me to endure pretty much anything and keep going.

Thanks for stopping by you guys :)

Anonymous said...

I went through this transit this year. It was very difficult for me and I totally relate to "learned to love the rack" except that I haven't. oh well...I am a virgo rising also with pluto in libra in 2nd. Saturn is still transiting my 2nd house. I am being forced physically to change careers and my heart really wants to. I want to follow my dreams but I wonder if I will make enough money. I took a dip financially due to a divorce.

The Ninth Immortal said...

Dear Anonymous,

Could you share with us what your true calling, your dreams, are? Meanwhile, sending you fortitude, peace, abundance.


Anonymous said...


I am going to experience Saturn-natal Pluto conjunction in October 2011. I don't know what will happen. Anyway, my company is really experiencing a hard time, but how will it reflect on me in the next few days I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
Actually, I have my natal Pluto on the cusp of the 2nd house in Libra and Venus in the 8th house in Taurus. Currently Uranus is transiting my eight house (Aris).

I don't know how all of these are going to affect me.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks saturn will be conjunct my pluto in the second house next year in october and my second house is scorpio, im so scared since scorpio is the ruler of pluto and my second house :-@

Anonymous said...

I have natal saturn-pluto conj. In 2nd house in libra. Since mid november I have saturn transitioning pluto in 2nd house and it gave me 2 lawsuits, one not concerning me but place I work for, and one was an extiortion of money, and it happened only in last two weeks:) sweet:D
Looking forward what will saturn do to me till 2012 september:D

Maya said...

Hi Ninth,

It looks like we both have Pluto in the second and Saturn in the eleventh house. I am going through my "fun and entertaining" Pluto square Pluto transit:-) It's good to know that there are people out there who can relate. I am Pisces with Virgo rising but my Moon is in Aquarius.


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richard said...

I really enjoyed your ideas - also some good humor around this intense transit. I'm looking into it on behalf of an acquaintance, but can entirely relate to the dynamic from a slightly different angle -Natally I have - Saturn/Neptune conjunct -square Chiron - trine Sun/Moon conjunct - sextile Pluto. To top it off, my Sun/Moon conjunction is in the 1st house, so every time an outer planet transits any of these positions, everybody gets to see !I have a recurring dream of sitting on the toilet, -in a public place!